If you are comfortable with the job description and the location don't worry. The employer will assume that you are confirmed unless they hear otherwise. Just lock the date and time in your calendar!

If you are unsure of some aspects of the shift and would like confirmation of this, please reach out to our support team via the app chat bubble or support@sidekicker.com.au, and we will forward you additional contact details.

In the instance of large jobs & events, just be sure to lock the date and time in your calendar and familiarise yourself with the job description. As these jobs are generally largely staffed (>100) you may not receive direct correspondence from the employer. For these jobs, the point of contact for the job will generally be our Sidekicker Support team. 

If you have any specific questions that are not outlined in the job description please contact Sidekicker support via support@sidekicker.com.au or via the app chat bubble. 

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