Congratulations on obtaining more ongoing work through Sidekicker! These jobs come with their own set of guidelines but still utilise the platform for processing timesheets and payment.

Payment Schedule: All ongoing jobs are paid fortnightly. Once you have entered all your hours for a two week period, your hours will be reviewed and you will be paid the following Friday. The job will move back into the Active jobs section of your account for you to continue recording your hours for the next fortnight. 

Missing Timesheets: Your employer will be responsible for posting your ongoing shifts on the platform for you. If you have been instructed by the employer to work an upcoming week and there are no job in your Active jobs section for you to enter your hours, please politely remind them to post a new ongoing job for you or roll over an existing job. If they have any concerns we are always here to help! 

Employment off of the platform: In certain circumstances employers are able to enter into direct working agreements with Sidekicks independent from the platform. If your employer would like you to work with them permanently please let us know and we can help facilitate that! 

Remember you are entering into a more on-going job with a business and will need to create a professional working relationship with them. We are always here to help guide you along the way; so please get in touch on if you have any concerns.

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