If you are injured on a Sidekicker shift, please inform your shift manager or supervisor immediately and contact Sidekicker within 24 hours to complete an Incident Report.

What to do immediately:
Inform your shift manager or supervisor immediately so they can provide medical attention if required. For emergency incidents, dial 000 (Aus) and 111 (NZ) and advise whether Police, Ambulance or Fire is needed.

What to do within 24 hours:

  1. Contact Sidekicker within 24 hours of the incident so we can work together with the business to improve workplace safety
  2. Complete this Incident Report Form

How can I contact Sidekicker?

You can report a hazard or injury through your Sidekicker app (Account > Report a Workplace Incident) or email us at hr@sidekicker.com.au or hr@sidekicker.co.nz.

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