Sidekicker is committed to the prevention of any form of discrimination, sexual harassment or victimisation in the workplace. We consider these unacceptable forms of behaviour and will not tolerate such behaviour under any circumstances.

At Sidekicker, we believe that:

  • All Sidekicks have a right to be treated equitably and without harassment in the workplace. 
  • All Sidekicks have the responsibility to respect the rights of fellow Sidekicks, by not taking part in any action that may constitute harassment and by supporting and promoting the achievement of equal opportunity. 

What if I feel unsafe or uncomfortable on a shift?

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable on a shift, or if you witness any form of bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment or victimisation, please contact Sidekicker on our emergency hotline or HR email. All reports will be treated with due seriousness and confidentiality. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can complete a confidential Incident Report here.

Reporting an incident in Australia
To report an incident in Australia, you can contact Sidekicker on 1800 665 035 and select option 2 or email us at

Reporting an incident in New Zealand
To report an incident in New Zealand, you can contact Sidekicker 0800 003 998 and select option 2 or email us at

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