"Superannuation in Australia are the arrangements in place to enable people in Australia to accumulate funds to provide them with income in retirement. Superannuation in Australia is partly compulsory, and is further encouraged by the government and supported with tax benefits." 

When are Superannuation payments made? 

Superannuation is paid on a quarterly basis. The payments are made 28 days after the quarter ends. 

In 2018, these payment dates are:

What does this mean for Sidekicks?

A contribution to the Super account of your choosing will be made upon completion of all SKPlus jobs based on the periods and their respective payment dates stated above. 

A Super fund is compulsory - you will need to have one listed on your account for the funds to be paid into each quarter.

What if I asked Sidekicker to set up an account for me?

If you did not have a nominated Super Fund when you started with Sidekicker; we will have one set up for you with Hostplus. This occurs at the end of the quarter following completion of your first shift. 

After the payments are made Hostplus will contact you via post with the details of your new account. If they do not; you can contact them and request your account details here: https://hostplus.com.au/help/contact-us 

If we have not made the payments yet; you are able to update the details in your account. You can find this in Account Settings --> Employment Details. Please email support@sidekicker.com.au to let us know of the change. We can then ensure your details are updated in our payroll. 

Where can I find out more details regarding Superannuation?

The best source of information for Superannuation is definitely the ATO website. You can read about this here: https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Super/

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