The Sidekicker Marketplace has two different products, Sidekicker Market (SKMARKET) and Sidekicker plus (SKPLUS), which are displayed to you as a Sidekick when applying for a shift.

Sidekicker Market
When applying for Sidekicker Market (SKMARKET) jobs, you are an independent worker completing ad-hoc tasks. You are responsible for managing your own taxes and have a direct relationship with your client. 

Sidekicker operates within the Share Economy defined by the ATO as the following:

"The sharing economy connects buyers (users) and sellers (providers) through a facilitator who usually operates an app or a website.

Popular sharing economy services include:

  • renting out a room or a whole house or unit for a short-time basis
  • providing taxi travel services (called 'ride-sourcing') for a fare
  • providing personal services, such as creative or professional services like graphic design, creating websites, or odd jobs like deliveries and furniture assembly"

Please read through the ATO website to learn more about how taxation works within the Share Economy.

Sidekicker Plus
On Sidekicker plus (SKPLUS), Sidekicker will directly employ you and handle all of your taxes and super. The hourly rate displayed on your job is your earnings including tax and excluding superannuation. Please be aware that depending on your situation tax may be taken out of your pay. Clients such as Uber, Sofitel, Airbnb and many more use our SKPLUS product.

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