If you feel like you're not seeing as many shifts as you'd like to (though keep in mind that can vary through the year - read more here), here are some ways to increase the number of shifts you are able to apply for and complete on Sidekicker.

Adding categories to your profile:
Every Sidekick on the platform has been approved for different subcategories based on their experience and skills. These were determined during the interview you would have attended for Sidekicker and your profile should be tailored around those subcategories. If you've gained more experience since your onboarding with Sidekicker, please reach out to our Support team to find out how we can add more experience to your profile. We generally recommend 3 months experience in an area before adding it to your profile, and you may need to come into our office for another onboarding session to confirm this experience with our team. 


By completing more certificates,  you can differentiate yourself from other Sidekicks. You can also unlock more categories on the platform. Feel free to reach out to our support team at support@sidekicker.comau if you are interested in completing more inductions and certificates to add to your profile.

Impress the businesses you work with on Sidekicker!
The best way to see more shifts on the platform is to impress the clients you work with! Many clients will be so impressed with Sidekicks skills, ability, and attitude, that they will post jobs just to them! 

Ensure you arrive early for your shifts, in a neat, clean uniform, and that you familiarise yourself with the job description & requirements before arriving. Smile, have a positive 'can do' attitude and clients will be more likely to invite you back to work with them again! 

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