An armed offender is a person that is threatening the use of any kind of weapon against you or those around you. It is vital that you understand and know how to react towards an armed offender. 

Armed Offender Procedures – Hospitality (front of house)

In the estranged event of an armed robber entering the premises of the client’s workplace, here are some simple steps that will assure your safety. Make sure you ask the the client to brief you on their safety procedures  before your shift begins.

Always remember;

  • Armed robbers are unpredictable. Co-operate with the armed offender and do not make unexpected movements
  • Try to remain calm – do not breach the personal space of the offender
  • Try to note as many things as you can about the offender
  • Safely activate any silent alarms (do this when you are not in danger and out of eyesight of the offender
  • Preserve any evidence that you can
  • Call 000 immediately after the incident

Armed Offender Procedures (back of house)

Most of the time, armed offenders will enter from the front of the house. In this situation, always remember;

  • Unless co-operating with the offender, stay out of sight
  • Do not try to be a hero
  • Make a note of all you can about the offender's voice and motions throughout the restaurant
  • Do not make any sudden movements or noise
  • Do not stick your head out to see what is happening unless co-operating with the   offender

In the rare instance that an armed offender enters through the back, ensure that you follow the same procedures that the front of the house would (shown above). 

Once again, before every shift, ensure that you are aware of all the client’s safety procedures. This includes knowing where fire exits and alarms are. It is our number one priority to keep our Sidekicks safe. 

You can reach Sidekicker after an incident and after calling 000 at 1800 665 035 (and select option 2 for emergencies).

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