At Sidekicker we are a community working together to change the face of employment. When each of us puts our best foot forward we have the best chance of success.

As a Sidekick you will be held to a high level of professionalism as you are the face of the company! If you're able to adhere to the following guidelines, we're sure you'll have a great time on Sidekicker. 

Sidekicker Code of Conduct

As a Sidekick I promise: 

 To conduct myself in a respectful manner when dealing with all employers, Sidekicks, and Sidekicker support staff regardless of the situation. 

To understand that when I apply for a shift it is my responsibility to be available for that shift if I am selected. 

To attend each and every shift with a positive outlook and a willingness to work hard from beginning to end. 

To endeavour to have fun and enjoy the variety of jobs and flexibility of the platform.

To be accountable for my health and safety and acknowledge that Sidekicker has my best interest at heart. If something feels unsafe I will let the team know.

Not to bully, discriminate or harass other Sidekicks, employers or Sidekicker support staff.

To create a positive working relationship with each employer I work for. 

To be a role model for new Sidekicks on the platform.

Sidekicker’s Code of Conduct sets out the behaviours expected from Sidekicks. Please note that Sidekicks that breach these standards could be deactivated from Sidekicker depending on the seriousness of the breach.

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