Apologies as we understand this can be quite annoying. The main reason for this is usually because the majority of jobs on the platform are filled within an hour of posting and the push notifications from the app are generally a better way of accessing these jobs than email - unfortunately email is not instant so sometimes you may receive an email from us after the job has been filled.  

We encourage you to install our iPhone or Android app and make sure notifications are turned on. That way you'll be informed as soon as a new job opens on the system and you can apply straight away. Fast applications tend to get a higher acceptance rate.

Secondly, this could occur if a mistake is made by the client when posting the job. If for example the client posts a job under the category Bartender and then realised that they actually required Wait staff after reviewing the posted job details they will generally alter the job post and if you don't have this skill approved on your profile you wouldn't be able to click on the job when notifications by email or in-app come through.

Finally, again due to Client error if a job is accidentally posted to the entire Sidekicker pool as apposed to a smaller group of Sidekicks or an individual person- The client will often realise this and change the notification setting for this job straight after posting- Unfortunately you will receive automated notifications but wouldn't be able to see the job in your app.

If you do think there is an issue with the jobs you can see on your Sidekicker dashboard, we encourage you to reach out to our Sidekicker Support team via support@sidekicker.com.au and we will investigate any issues. 

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